A personalized assessment and treatment regimen- A dosage relevant to your level of fitness which depends on sports, work, leisure-time, and/or everyday life. The training will be based on the demands that you and your activity level have on your physical capacity.

Sports medicine - An evaluation, method of treatment, and rehabilitation at the very highest quality known today by a certified Physical Therapist, MSc, and specialist competence within Physical Therapy aiming at Sports Medicine.

Physiology - An evaluation and testing of capacity together with guidance to improvement.

MTT - Medical Training Therapy, (MET – Medical Exercise Therapy), an optimally adjusted functional testing and training of tissue.

S.E.T. - Sling Exercise Therapy: Strength, stability and sensorimotor function for the entire body. A model to optimally create a balance/function in the abdomen/back and other parts of body tissue.

OMT  - Orthopedic Medicine Therapy, a procedure model for back, joint and muscle treatment. We use some Osteopathic technique.

Acupuncture - Alleviation of pain

Massage - Hydro jet massage treatment

Education and instruction – Presentations and work shops aiming at training, health, and sports related injuries. Instructions in the skill of using tape to stabilize and prevent further damage to an injury. Furthermore, specially designed educational programs on motivation, inspiration, preventive health care, and keep-fit measures.

Open hours:
Monday – Friday                        8am – 5pm
Tuesday and Thursday            8am – 6pm

Appointments as per agreement.

It is possible to use the health club facilities without a referral from your Doctor:
10 sessions SEK380, tax incl.
20 sessions SEK600, tax incl.
Hydro jet massage treatment: 10 occasions SEK300, tax incl.